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      The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has evolved a programme through which financial support is provided for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application to academia in India. This programme of Research Sponsored by ISRO is called RESPOND. In special cases research and development projects proposed by non-academic R & D laboratories can also be supported through this programme. The aim of RESPOND is to encourage quality research in areas of relevance to the Indian Space Programme.

      The primary objective of the Indian Space programme is to harness the advanced research areas of space science and technology for national development and to derive the maximum benefit for the people of India. The Indian Space Programme includes the following major elements:

      Demonstration of the feasibility of deriving from space science and technology- applications in space communications, long distance education, earth resources mapping / survey, meteorology and geodesy.

      Development of indigenous capability for design and development of orbiting satellites for scientific research and space applications, sounding rockets and satellite launch vehicles.

        RESPOND (Sponsored Research) programme started in the 1970s aims at encouraging academia to participate and contribute in various space related activities. Under RESPOND; projects are taken up by universities / academic institutions in the areas of relevance to Space Programme. Apart from this, ISRO has also set up Space Technology Cells at premiere institutions like Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) - Bombay, Kanpur, Kharagpur & Madras; Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru and Joint Research Programme with University of Pune (UoP) to carry out research activities in the areas of space technology and applications. These STCs and JRP are guided by Joint Policy Committee's (JPC) chaired by Director / Vice Chancellor of the respective institution and with members from ISRO / DOS (Senior Scientists / Engineers) & the respective institution. Under the STC, projects are taken up by the faculty of the Institute.

      The main objectives of the RESPOND Programme is to establish strong links with academic institutions in the country to carry out research and developmental projects which are of relevance to space and derive useful outputs of such R&D to support ISRO programmes. RESPOND programme aims to enhance academic base, generate human resources and infrastructure at the academic institutes to support the space programme. The major activity of RESPOND is to provide support to research projects in wide range of topics in space technology, space science and applications areas to universities / institutions. In addition conferences, workshops and publications, which are of relevance to space research, are also being supported.

For more details visit: www.isro.gov.in sponsored research