LPSC arranges exhibitions on a regular basis at different venues including schools/colleges, inside and outside Kerala as part of its outreach activities. Creating awareness among the general public, especially students, about the benefits that have accrued from India's space programme to the society and the progress made by the country in space science and technology is given utmost importance during these exhibitions. The students of the educational institutions who have little access to present technological scenario are encouraged to capture their scientific temperament.

For organizing the exhibition at your institution, contact :
Smt. Sandhya PS, Engr. In Charge, LDD (Phone: 9188520360, Email: [email protected])

  1. LPSC reserves the right to cancel/short-close the exhibition in case of any exigency.
  2. Acceptance of the requests is purely at the discretion of LPSC authorities.
  3. If the programme extends beyond a day, the hosting institution needs to ensure the over-night security of the exhibition items.