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  • Restrict mail correspondence for Official purposes.
  • Employees are requested not to correspond critical and sensitive information through the Email service. In case any such correspondence is necessitated, they shall be made with adequate confidentiality and privacy.
  • Please change the default password and ensure that secure passwords (minimum eight alphanumeric characters) are given to all user accounts. Do not disclose the passwords to anyone.
  • Do not open mails with attachments from Unknown Senders and delete such mails immediately. Do not double click on attachments ending with ".exe",".pif",".bat",".com",".vbs".
  • Users are requested to delete their mails immediately after use.
  • In case back-up is required, the same can be saved in hard-disk/ CD separately before deletion.
  • Mails which are older than 30 days or more will be deleted by the System Administrator.
  • For any assistance or complaints please mail to webmaster@lpsc.gov.in.

LPSC Email Service



       It is noticed that a virus affected mail has been received by LPSC mail users.Please do not open any attached files from any users not known to you.