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  • Restrict mail correspondence for Official purposes.
  • Employees are requested not to correspond critical and sensitive information through the Email service. In case any such correspondence is necessitated, they shall be made with adequate confidentiality and privacy.
  • Please change the default password and ensure that secure passwords (minimum eight alphanumeric characters) are given to all user accounts. Do not disclose the passwords to anyone.
  • Do not open mails with attachments from Unknown Senders and delete such mails immediately. Do not double click on attachments ending with ".exe",".pif",".bat",".com",".vbs".
  • Users are requested to delete their mails immediately after use.
  • In case back-up is required, the same can be saved in hard-disk/ CD separately before deletion.
  • Mails which are older than 30 days or more will be deleted by the System Administrator.
  • For any assistance or complaints please mail to webmaster@lpsc.gov.in.

LPSC Email Service



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ISRO IT security policy clearly states that Internet machines are to be used strictly for browsing. ISRO related files should not be maintained on Internet machines. Standard office packages should not be used for modifying ISRO related files in Internet machines. This is to ensure that even if the machine is compromised, no ISRO related information is transferred to the outside segment.It is noticed that a Mail was received from Administrator requesting username,password and other details.Users are requested not to respond to such queries and action has been taken to block that mail id.