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1.Tender notice Renovation and modification works in main canteen kitchen at LPSC,Valiamala (CIVIL WORKS) - View

2. Advertisement inviting sealed tenders for the following - View the Ad.

Tender notice for Supply installation,commissioning and training of high precision tool room lathes with set of essential accessories - View

Tender notice for supply,installation,commissioning and training of high precision CNC lathe with set of essential accessories - View

Tender notice for supply,installation and commissioning of LASER Engraving machine with accessories - View

Tender notice inviting contract for operating the video conferencing facility - View

3. Advertisement for Expression-of-interest (EOI) from a Service Provider, who have core competence and experience in the realization of aerospace/defence /aircraft valves, for assembly & testing of aerospace quality fluid control components (valves, regulators, etc.) & modules using the facilities of LPSC-Valiamala. -View the Ad.

Invitation for 'Expression of Interest' -'Expression-of-Interest for assembly, testing & delivery of fluid control components (valves, regulators, etc.) & modules using LPSC, Valiamala facilities' - View

4. Tender notice for Supply,installation,testing and commissioning 200TR circular FRP type cooling tower to ELIX AC plant at LPSC,Valiamala-View

5. Tender notice for Maintenance of building,premises and roads, Attending routine masonry maintenance rectification at all area of LPSC, Maintenance of road berms,side drains,cross drains for internal service roads ,approach roads to buildings,and external approach road at Valiamala - View

6. Tender notice for Supply of drinking water from KWA PTP nagar /kallara to LPSC,Valiamala-View

7. Tender notice for Providing supporting structure for 200 TR FRP type cooling tower at ELIX, AC plant, Valiamala(civil works)-View

8. CORRIGENDUM for Tender No:VM/CMD/TSS/01/1026(T)/MECH/060/2015-16(Supply,erection testing and commissioning of 10 persons (680Kg) service lift for ICMAT-ATL,LPSC,Valiamala) View

9. Tender notice for Minor electrical works for providing power supply for EBW facility at bonded stores,LCSD,Valiamala-View

10. Tender notice for Replacements of grills at MID clean room and replacement of filters at MID AHU room at LPSC,Valiamala - View

11. Tender notice for Electrical works for ICMAT-ATL at LPSC,Valiamala,Trivandrum- View

12. Tender notice for Providing Air conditioning for ICMAT-ATL at LPSC,Valiamala,Trivandrum- View

13. Tender notice for Supply,installation,commissioning,performance demontration and training of High-precision Co-ordinate Measuring machine at LPSC,Valiamala,Trivandrum- View

14. Tender notice for Supply,installation and commissioning of 60KV, 6KW ,Electron beam welding system(Chamber size:0.6MM*0.5MM*0.5MM)- View

15. Annexure-I to Tender Enquiry No.TL67 2015026214 01, Instructions for two part tenders (Material procurement,fabrication,supply,erection testing and commissioning of high pressure Nitrogen/Helium distribution and boosting system) - View

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