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1.Re-routing of cables in the proposed extension of LVIG, LMIG & ISDTF bldg. at LPSC, Valiamala - View

2.Electrical works for CISF Quarters & Barracks(Phase III) at LPSC Valiamala. - View

3.Tender notice for extension of PFF workshop at CRYO area, LPSC, Valiamala(civil & PH works) - View

4.Tender notice for providing Air Conditioning to additional Space for Assembly and Testing of Satellite Components at LCSD, Valiamala - View

5.Tender notice for design, fabrication, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 250kg Dumb waiter for TOMD store at LPSC, Valiamala. - View

6.Tender notice for providing air conditioning to vertical extension of electronics lab at LCSD - View

7.Tender notice for providing sewernetwork system near multistored office building - View

8.Extension of LMIG assembly bay at Valiamala(Civil &PH works) - View
Extension of above tender - View

9.Additinal office space for LVIG, Valiamala(Civil, PH & road works) - View
Extension of above tender - View

10.Tender notice for VM/CMD/CPH/MW/014/TE(09)/13-14/dtd. 21.01.14 - View
Extension of above tender - View

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