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1. Tender notice for VM/CMD/02/1214/C/ T(77)/15-16 dtd.07.09.15- View

2. Tender notice for VM/CMD/04/1052/C/T(58)/15-16 dtd. 04.09.15,VM/CMD/02/1029/C/ T(61)/15-16 dtd. 04.09.15 - View

3. Tender notice for VM/CMD/03/1148/C/T(56)/15-16 dated.01.09.2015 - View

4. Tender notice for VM/CMD/TSS/04/1047/T/ELE/025/2015-16 dated.25.08.2015,VM/CMD/TSS/04/1048/T/ELE/026/2015-16 dated.25.08.2015 and VM/CMD/TSS/04/1049/T/ELE/027/2015-16 dated.25.08.2015 - View

5. Tender notice for ADVT NO.LPSC/P/ADVT/23/2015 DTD. 25/08/2015 - View

6. Tender notice for Periodical painting works for LCSD Main building at LCSD, Valiamala - View

7. Tender notice for Replacing AC roofing sheet with Traffold profiled roofing sheet to MID Workshop - View

8. Tender notice for Integrated Laser Soldering System for SMD (TL56 2015-025192-01) - View

9. Tender notice for work contract for carrying out static and dynamic finite element analysis jobs - View

10. Tender notice for VM/CMD/02/1019/C/T(44)/ dtd.05.08.2015 and VM/CMD/02/1154/C/T(45)/ dtd.05.08.2015 - View

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